Boycott of Social Affairs

You don’t want to turn to distraction or violence, as this never helps out a particular cause and often times just ends up hindering the cause all together. Due to this, you need to look for a different option in order to let them know how you feel. Chances are, if you feel one way about the events taking place, others in the organization are going to feel the same way. Boycotting social affairs has a strong impact, and is something you need to consider.
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Student Strike

Students can have effective political recourse in academic institutions by participating in student strikes. Such strikes can occur at any level from primary school onward, but are most often associated with university students. The withdrawal and non-cooperation during student strikes can include many different forms and don’t always involve total withdrawal from the institution itself. Various strategies have been effective in inducing change to academic institutions around the world with some occasionally reaching out into broader society and inducing cultural change. Continue reading

Suspension of Social and Sports Activities

The world is full of people who are full of opinions. When two or more groups of persons disagree, repercussions can be felt all over the world. This phenomenon occurs very often and conflicts can cause suspension of social and sport activities in protest. This is a very effective form of non-violent protest.
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Withdrawal From Social Institutions

The resignation of an important figure within an organization can create an impact upon the morale of that group. Similarly a withdrawal of membership by a substantial number of supporters can cripple any group. Simply refusing to attend all scheduled activities can also be used to gain attention. Shunning is painful even for the rich, the famous and the powerful.
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