Deputations are a non violent way for individuals to express their opinions in the political realm. A select group of people are elected to be delegates to represent a larger population. They are expected to represent the interests of their constituents, not have agendas of their own. When deputations are used, it is a democratic method that is chosen by the people, for the people. While there are many approaches that can be taken to be an impetus to change, deputations are a peaceful and reasonable method. They can be formed for many purposes such as to discuss budget discussions at a local council, present a presentation concerning an industry that is poised to enter a community, or to express discontent about the current state of government.
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Mock Elections

Mock elections provide the populace with a non-violent way to express their opinions about government and leadership within a nation. It is a method of group representation that gives people a voice. In a peaceful and orderly environment, participants come together to vote for their leaders or members of a law-making body. Generally, the actual candidates in the running are the topic for the vote. Once the mock election has been completed, the results are publicized to provide the world with solid proof of how the public feels about who should be in charge. Mock elections are often held at the student level in order to encourage youth to participate, have an interest in politics, and get involved when they are of age.
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Over the course of time, man have evolved from the primitive and mindless being into sophisticated and clever minds. With this in mind, violent acts have been an intolerable action in society and can result in severe consequences. However, with some communities increasing in poverty, starvation and mortality rates due to government corruption, it is quite difficult to blame people who choose to act inhumanely and violently towards society. Nonetheless, a great option to consider is the use of nonviolent resistance or nonviolent actions to get you heard and to express an individual or a group’s collective opinions and goals for reformation.
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Mock Awards

Mock awards usually refer to awards that are given in an area as the worst of something. This is a form of satire and in this case used towards a nonviolent action and/or protest. When practicing Nonviolent protesting and other forms of nonviolent action, it is certainly going to be most effective to practice as many types of nonviolent action possible, making mock awards a great alternative and even fun way of expressing ones self. Continue reading