D-Link DNS-323 with Alt-F

After a fatal crash of one of my hard disks in my mirror’d NAS System, I planned to replace it with something else. I was not very happy with D-Link’s configuration of the RAID mirror: after removing one of the hard disks and re-inserting it, the whole mirror was re-formatted and all data gone. Testdisk helped me to recover all data, but it was clear that I would not use the D-Link NAS in the future again.

After some searching, I found Alt-F which is an alternative firmware for the aging NAS system. It offers much more features than the original D-Link firmware but is only available as a release candidate (as of May 2013). I’m going to give it a try, the worst case is that I have to use testdisk again to recover all my data. This article describes the setup of my DNS-323 NAS with Alt-F.
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