An Introduction to Ethical Business

Critics of business ethics as a scientific topic argue that business is unethical by nature. Therefore, they argue, scientific research is not adequate on this topic. However, does that mean that ethics is not an important topic for business managers? This article tries to cover some basics about business ethics while subsequent articles will cover specific topics in business ethics.
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Ethical Business Leadership

A series with 5 videos of ethical business leadership can be found on the web site of the Northern German alumni chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma.


  1. Introduction
  2. Leading by example. In order to any company to maintain an ethical culture, the tone must be set at the top. Leaders must exemplify the ethics and ideals expected from company employees. Failure to do so can end in disastrous results for the organization.
  3. Hiring process and ethical culture. An organization’s ethical culture must be instilled in every employee. For many companies, ethics is a key component of the employee screening and hiring process.
  4. Ethics and advancement. More and more, adherence to the company’s culture is given great consideration during the annual review process. For companies with an established ethical culture, mere metrics are no longer enough.
  5. Making right choices. Things will go wrong, but there are many steps companies can take to reinforce the organization’s ethical culture.
  6. Maintaining a culture of ethics. Once a company has established an ethical culture, the hard work really begins. Organizations must keep the culture’s values relevant within the company, ensuring ethical diligence at all levels.