Stupid #Amazon Cloud Player #MP3

Ok, after fiddling around with Amazon Cloud Player for MP3, I’ve run into a lot of problems.

  1. Amazon’s support for Cloud Player sucks.
  2. Importing MP3s from my (large) music collection: in a sub-folder, there are 10 tracks, the Amazon Music Importer found 5, imported 4 (without any explanation).
  3. Same when importing my whole music collection: sometimes the Amazon Music Importer finds 6,000 tracks, sometimes 5,000, actually: more than 10,000.
  4. Deleting items from the “Deleted Items” folder in Amazon Cloud Player: let’s say, there are more than 4,000 tracks in my “Deleted Items” folder – hitting “Empty all deleted items” removes a random number of them, sometimes 100, sometimes 500, who knows.
  5. Uploading a song, get song info for that track from Amazon, uploading the same track again, results in duplicate item.
  6. Not possible to get track information from Amazon for all imported tracks – must import Amazon information track by track (stupid).
  7. Amazon Music Importer is based on Adobe Air which is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux (such as Ubuntu). But there is no support for Linux – why?
  8. Went to Turkey, tried to buy some tracks. Did not work because you can only buy music from Amazon in certain countries. Came back home, did not work in Germany anymore. Double-checked my addresses on file with Amazon, removed all crapy ones. Still, can’t buy music.
  9. Credit card is on file with Amazon. When buying tracks using Android, it asks for my credit card. Once typed in, it asks for an address that fits your language settings (see # 10). Problem: I have changed my country to USA in order to get the Cloud Player for Android to work. So I need an address in the USA to buy music. But my credit card is registered to my German address.
  10. Using Android with the following language settings: language: English (USA); country: Germany. Does not work because you have to have German (Germany) – Germany (they force me to use German language with my Android). Had to use some tool from Android Market to set everything to English (USA).
  11. You can’t select more than 500 tracks (for example for creating a play list).
  12. You can’t download more than 500 tracks at once – does Amazon tries to lock you into their service?
  13. Amazon MP3-Downloader does not work with Linux.
  14. Always have to login to Amazon Cloud Player, even if already recognizes me. When coming from, I get redirected to, which requires to to login again (so I have to login twice in order to get to Cloud Player).

Some features that I miss:

  1. Show the “Current Queue” list.
  2. Importing of play lists from my Android device.

I give it another (last) try. Hope I did not waste $ 25 on that service.

9 thoughts on “Stupid #Amazon Cloud Player #MP3

  1. Solved #8 – Amazon overwrote my billing address when I tried to buy music from Turkey. Fixing that solved my problem.

  2. #15: Even though, I have a song already, Amazon Cloud Player recommends me to buy the item because I have listened to something similar. Nah. sorry.

  3. Status update: Amazon asked me to send them Debug information (e.g. a list of all music imported, etc.).

    Gave that up. Trying out Google Music. Looks much better from first glance (at least it’s importing all my music).

  4. My problems appears to be one of skipping, that is, the music skips while it’s playing. This happens intermittently, so it might be the recording itself. Anyone else experiencing something similar?

    • I am having the same problem on Windows XP. So annoying. Sometimes it will do it a lot in one track and then the next is totally fine. I think the MP3 encoder (decoder?) is weak.

  5. Yes…I get the interrupted music issue…a “buzzing” corruption intermittingly…maybe 3-5 times in a 3-4 minute track. No one to contact regarding what or how to rectify the issue…let alone get a replacement MP3 file for the one I paid for and downloaded. Don’t trust it and just relying on hard-copy CDs ripped to my PC.

  6. I recommend everyone use Winamp for listening to MP3s. I only use Amazon’s piece of crap to download music I have bought, then immediately delete it.

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