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I finally found a working way how to create tables in WordPress.

Not sure why WordPress did not include a built-in feature to create tables (I need them frequently), but you need to add a plugin to get support for tables in your postings.

I tried out a variety of plugins from WordPress’ plugin site, however, most had their limitations or where not working with Version 3.4.1 of WordPress.

The best option to get was the Easy Table plugin that was able to convert an uploaded CSV file to a sorted table, either as an inline document or from an online resource.

Creating a Table From an Inline Document

To create a table from an inline document, just enter the following HTML code:

[ta ble] 

Sorry for the [ta ble] but otherwise, the table is being generated 😉

You can also add various parameters to your table:

[ta ble tablesorter="1" id="someid"]

Creating a Table From an External Document

To load the CSV data from an uploaded file or from another Web site, use the following code:

[ta ble file=""][/table]

Problems and Missing Features

The only problem that I could find is that the plugin seems unable to load large CSV files, either inline or from external sources. The problem encountered with a file of 1.5 MB.

One missing feature is that I would like to have a browse feature. That means that only a subset of the data is being displayed (e.g. the first 10 records) and the user can click through the pages of the data. That is useful with large dataset (once they work).

Reported and requested these issues with the developers.

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