Unique Leaf Member Attributes in #SQLServer #MDM

When creating entities in Microsoft SQL Server Master Data Manager, it is not possible to set a member attribute to store only unique values.

However, it is possible to create a business rule on the leaf member attribute that defines that the attribute values must be unique.

When you have created your entity and want to create a business rule on the leaf member attribute, go into the System Administration of the Master Data Manager console:

Next, select Business Rules from the Manage menu:

The Business Rule Maintenance screen appears. This dialog manages all created business rules in the system:

Select your model, the entity, the appropriate member type and leave Attribute to All. After hitting the plus button, the new business rule appears underneath:

Select the new business rule and select the Edit selected business rule (the third button). The Edit Business Rule screen appears:

Now, configure the business rule: a condition (below IF) is not required because the business rule shall be applied to all records. Open the Actions component on the left tree and drag the “must be unique” item onto the THEN action. The item will appear beneath the Action tree.

Configure the action by dragging the attribute which should be unique onto the Select Attribute item below “Edit Action”. Select Independently to ensure that the field is checked without dependencies to other attributes.

Save the business rule. Now, when adding publishing new records to the entity, the records are being validated against your new business rule.

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