Humorous Skits and Pranks

Another method to express dissatisfaction, with nonviolent action can be done with humorous skits and pranks. They can get the attention of the public and appeal to the entire populations sense of humor. To accomplish such, you must consider, many different topics. Several of which are as follows:

  1. Know your subject. What is your skit or prank trying to say? Careful thought given to this is essential. Your intent is you want remembered for the pure humor of the situation. Appeal to the public intellect to see and understand just the point. Do not risk it taken any other way than for your intention. You are saying to the public, your views of the policies of the government. You do not wish to offend, be it political, ethical or racial.
  2. Research. This is important, as it gives you background and information into the point that you are trying to get across. You can use this to plan a prank or to outline a skit based on facts and not hearsay. Could be very unfortunate to have a great prank labeled as unfounded in the news? There are sources on-line for this information.
  3. Location and timing. Perhaps the single, most important steps to putting together a successful presentation. Effort put into calculating the perfect event time and location either for a skit or prank, is crucial. You are after the largest audience and exposer that are possible, here timing really is everything.

Examples of humorous skits and pranks are many, imagination and the law being the only limiting factors. Below are just a few ideas, which could be done.

As a skit.
George Washington crossing the Delaware with a boatload of Revolutionary Patriots. In parody replace with Bill Clinton crossing the Rio Grand with a boatload of American jobs, while he is signing the National Free Trade Agreement.

As a prank.
Running a crutch up a flag pole, under the American Flag.
Putting Lady Justice in a wheelchair with one side of her blindfold lifted up.
Attaching a sling to the Statue of Liberty’s arm.

The possibilities are endless to nonviolent ways to express your opinions and frustration.

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