Camouflaged Meetings of Protest

Ofen through out history for one reason or another and sometimes for no reason at all government has made it difficult if not impossible for protesting citizens to hold gatherings of protest or meetings to disscuss political affairs among themselves at all. This tyrannical behavior has made it nessessary in many cases to hold non-violent camoflaged meetings of protest in the guise of more policially acceptable and legal gatherings for concern citizens to be able to meet and discuss certain aspects of government policies that need to be changed and to decide on plans of action against certain governmental actioins and policies.

Camoflaged meetings of protest are axactly as the name says, “camoflaged meetings” perhaps taking on the appearance of a sports event or a religious affair. It’s not uncommon for all persons involved to know about the guise. Today in most countries one would think that with the freedom of speech rights that there would be little or no need for camoflaged meetings of protest but, that is not always true, and the government is not always the problem. There are other organizations that can cause serious trouble for others if it is found out that one is conspiring against the other.

In France during the 1800s meetings of protest were of any type were strictky forbidden. So, when the people wanted to have meetings to gather information about the publics opinion on certain topics or to inform the public of certain situations involving government it was nessessary to have camoflaged meetings of protest. In 1847 a guise of very successful campaing of banquets began and lasted until 1848 helping to start the 1848 Revolution.

Camouflaged meetings of protest are still used today and are as productive as they were then. To have a camoflaged meeting of protest today would work the same as it did in 1848 or1905. A group or organization that feels as though a meeting under its true name or with its real reasons revealed would be oppressed or dominated by another group or person may choose to have a camoflaged meeting of protest instead.

A camoflaged meeting of protest can be arranged just like any other meeting as long as people from the opposing organization don’t find out. Keeping the real reason for the meeting for the meeting is top priority. If the secret is let out then the meeting is simply turned into the type of meeting that it was suppposed to be to begin with.

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