Fraternization means turning people into brothers or making them as if they were brothers. There is, of course, no way to biologically make two people related that never were to begin with. A symbolic brotherhood, however, can be just as powerful. In fact, a fraternity can often be even more powerful because it is a matter of choice and selection rather than just one of circumstance. The strength and emotion behind this type of organization makes it a powerful political tool. Although many may be worried about violence from a group banded so closely together they are just as effective at taking non-violent action.

There is a power in numbers when it comes to brute force but many people fail to see that same strength can manifest just as much in a peaceful setting. When people come together united to reach a goal peacefully, it can have just as much effect as an army with soldiers and weapons. We live in a society that glorifies conforming to the norm because it is what is comfortable. Fraternization can help bring people with similar ideals and beliefs together in a bond that is nearly impossible to obtain by any other means. Only once people are unified can true change begin to be seen.

Every time there is a significant change that takes solid root it can almost always be traced to a strong unification and, often, a fraternal organization. Fraternization played a big part in the foundation of this country in the first place and is likely to play a big part as the changes happen around us now. Many of our founding fathers were members of the fraternal organization called the Masons as well as a number of other fraternities. Although their discussions did eventually lead to the Revolutionary War against Brittan, the original talks simply outlined a non-violent way to present grievances and new ideas to the king. It was only after they were forced to take whatever means necessary to stand up for their beliefs and make a change.

Peaceful organization through fraternization is the strongest weapon that anybody has when it comes to making changes. Although it is possible to make changes through violence, much bigger and more positive changes can be made through non-violent means. If people with similar beliefs band together to make those ideals into reality they have a good chance of breaking the mold and bringing change for the better.

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