Wearing of Symbols

A great way to non-violently display your views in public is by wearing symbols. Just about every organization has at least one symbol that they can be readily recognized by. The democratic party, for instance, is represented by a donkey. If you support the fight against cancer, you can be easily recognized by wearing a pink ribbon. Religions, of course, each have their respective symbols. Wearing a crucifix you will be readily identified as a christian or catholic or a star of David will signify you as Jewish. Many Wiccans wear a pentagram. If you support a particular country or their government, you can show it by displaying their flag. The best part about wearing symbols to show your beliefs and allegiances is the wide variety of ways to go about displaying them.

Clothing is an obvious and effective way to display symbols to show where you stand. Often you can find the symbol you are looking for printed on a tee-shirt. If you can not find it in a main stream outlet market, the item you are looking for may be found at a specialty shop or on the internet. When even those fail you, you can turn to customization. There are a number of companies that will put anything, even a symbol of your own personal design, on a shirt. A baseball cap makes yet another piece of clothing that displays a symbol quite nicely. It is difficult to ignore something almost literally printed across your forehead.

If you would prefer something a little more discrete than the bold display of clothing, you can show off your allegiances through various accessories donned with the symbols of your associations. Jewelry is a popular choice. Often it is a matter of a simple necklace adorned with a charm in the shape of the symbol or a locket with the symbol engraved or printed on it. There, of course are other forms of jewelry that can be used to display symbols such as earrings. If those are too fancy for your tastes, perhaps you would feel more comfortable with a pin or a sticker.

No matter what way you choose to display them, symbols are one of the most subtle and peaceful ways to display your feelings and beliefs. Whether it is a political, religious or other stand you are trying to make there is really no way to go wrong showing it symbolically.

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