“Haunting” Officials

Change agents may use various techniques to present their political propositions. There are certain ways to organize and manage groups of people drawn together by specific political ideologies. Both liberal and conservative groups trying to make a way for their lifestyles and avenues of change can rally together in certain structures and one of these methods is called “haunting” officials.

Services Used for Haunting Officials

  1. Pressure can be placed on individual politicians such as haunting a member of a government group by following them around to remind them continually of the certain agenda that the action group is wanting to be acknowledged and passed through by political vote.
  2. Public speeches at group rallies where officials are meeting are a good way to present by nonviolent means the unique ideas and agendas of the political group. Public speeches can often bring in additional members for the rallying group also.
  3. Letters of opposition or support can be presented to the official while constantly reminding the official of the group’s focus on social change. Displaying banners while the political group is following an official will remind him or her of the political group’s ideology and determination.

Applications for Following Officials

What applications could there be for haunting elected officials? Volunteers camping or occupying political property can be a means of peaceful protest and may help to move forward a nonviolent campaign for civil rights. Peaceful occupying of public property may help to gain strength for a nonviolent road to social change and may therefore eliminate conflicts that could result from other means of protest.

What are Other Benefits of Haunting Officials?

  1. Peaceful following and reminding officials of the group’s agenda for social change help to foster a co-existence that is peaceful but is not an acceptance that is strictly passive.
  2. The gathering of an independent ideology and living along side another group with conflicting ideology is a benefit of this type of political co-existence.
  3. This means of nonviolent protest is both proactive and creative in that the new group is both demonstrating their right to exist but is also proving their ability to live along side those who may be in theory a conflicting ideology.

Further Information

Further information on this type of ideology and form of nonviolent action is described on the websites of political activists and civil rights campaigners (www.olschimke.eu). Various organizations are using this style of social change in order to live within their own ideology and way of life.

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