Data Vault Modelling

Due to some project requirements, I’m reading a lot about the Data Vault model by Dan Linsted. It is totally different to the star schema or snowflake schema introduced by Ralph Kimball or Bill Inmon.

Instead, you model your data into hubs (which include the business keys and some time stamps), satellites (which include the attributes of your data) and links (which link hubs to each other). Wikipedia got a good introduction of the topic and Dan Linsted provides a good introduction as well, but there are also books on the topic.

If we are going to use the model for our database at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is not clear yet, we are currently evaluating it. Will keep you updated.

One thought on “Data Vault Modelling

  1. Hi Michael,

    I hope you can find enough interest in the Data Vault model to make an informed decision. I look forward to answering questions you might have. Feel free to go to “Data Vault Discussions” and ask questions. There is a very lively group there.

    Also, if there is a presentation I can help you with, or setup for you and your team, just let me know.

    Thank-you kindly,
    Dan Linstedt

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