Some Thoughts on #Syria

I was thinking a lot on the situation in Syria lately especially regarding the progress of events.

It looks like Syria is turning into civil war. What started as peaceful demonstrations (which I fully supported and embraced) turned into violence for self defence (which I accepted) and increased into an all-out-civil war including the involvement of Al-Qaeda.

Syrian forces are trying to eliminate resistance in Homs and other cities by pure force, including tanks, mortar shelling and snipers. The FSA is fighting back with nothing else than AK-47’s and some RPG’s.

I’m thinking of the makeshift hospitals that have been set up in order to care the wounded. Thinking of the families hiding in their homes.

This whole story did not turn the way it should have. The government of Syria should have accepted the will of their people and protect their rights. When this did not happen, the U.N. should have intervened but due to the veto of China and Russia, that did not happen, either.

Now, what’s next? My guess is that the West and the Arab countries will support the rebels with arms and money and that Iran will support the Assad regime with loyal troops to replace defected soldiers. The uprising turns into a sectarian war between Iran and the West. That way, this whole story turns into an even bigger blodshed.

What is the way out? My fear is that the uprising will last for several years to be stopped by the stepping down of the bastard Assad. My hope is that he is sensible enough to step down early enough to avoid more killings.

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