Mock Elections

Mock elections provide the populace with a non-violent way to express their opinions about government and leadership within a nation. It is a method of group representation that gives people a voice. In a peaceful and orderly environment, participants come together to vote for their leaders or members of a law-making body. Generally, the actual candidates in the running are the topic for the vote. Once the mock election has been completed, the results are publicized to provide the world with solid proof of how the public feels about who should be in charge. Mock elections are often held at the student level in order to encourage youth to participate, have an interest in politics, and get involved when they are of age.

While many people complain about the state of their nation and respective leadership, there are a large number of eligible voters who never participate in elections. It is hard to accept someone’s grumbling if they do not make the effort to make their selection known. Voters need to take an active interest, do their research, and come forward. The purpose of mock elections is to drum up support for the voting process and increase participation in actual voting situations. It is also a form of peaceful protest. When people make themselves heard, law makers take notice. A mock election can also be used in countries that are striving for democracy to head toward a more enlightened political system.

It is a civic duty of citizens to participate in political elections and a matter of national pride. If there is something wrong with the system, it is up to the population to change it. Non-violent means are best in ensuring positive results. The only way this can happen is if the masses come forward when there is a need. A case in point is the “Occupy America” movement taking place in the present. The growing gap in economic means between the rich and poor or Average Americans is alarming. A large number of the population have taken to camping out at the capital at states across the nation to show how many people have been affected and express themselves passively. However, the true impact will only come in the form of elections and it means getting every eligible voter out in force. Mock elections can pave the way to a large voter turn-out in the next public election.

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