Skywriting and Earthwriting

Skywriting and Earth-writing are two powerful non-violent ways of making a protest to catch the vital attention a wider audience.

Skywriting is done with a plane, which is specifically designed for skywriting. It is done with a controlled emission of paraffin oil, which produces a thick white smoke to get your message across. This form of message writing has been around a long time, as it was first used in 1922. The letters in the sky are a mile high and a mile wide, so they can be seen really easily over a huge amount of terrain. Skywriters can be contracted to write over an event or place and can only be done by a specially trained pilot. Sky-typing is a quicker, but more expensive way to get a message out. It involves the use of five to seven planes that together form the letters for the message or slogan. Be warned that this is more expensive. With no winds, your sky writing will be able to be seen until the earth rotates away from it. It is a wonderful way to get a message out for all to see.

  1. Figure a succinct message of protest.
  2. Pick the day or event you would like the message seen.
  3. Find a reasonably priced skywriter, or sky- typer.

For an example of skywriting, read Protest sky writing over Canberra.

Earth-writing is a similar non-violent way to get a long lasting message out to as many people as possible. Earth-writing can be done in many mediums, from mowing a message in a large grassy meadow, to constructing sand structure words, to engraving in the sand, to creating a message out of pieces of trash to protest people not throwing out their trash. One could also form words with rocks, bricks or even a group of human beings.

  1. Figure out a strong message.
  2. Choose the type of earth-writing to do. Depending on that decision, your next things to do will hinge on that.
  3. Find the perfect location for the message to be seen. Location is everything in getting the message across. For example, when Google was taking aerial pictures in Australia for a day, it was the perfect choice for people to get a myriad of messages out to the larger audience, in a very permanent way.
  4. Gather, people, bricks, a lawn mower; whatever is needed to create the desired message.
  5. Complete the message by the date needed.

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