Military Intervention in #Syria

In the last couple of days, I have been reading comments and blog articles who call for a military intervention by Western nations or the Arabic League, such as Chubby who writes:

Basically what I’m trying to deliver in this post is how NUTS i’m going over what’s happening and how the diplomatic way followed isn’t doing anything. The Syrian people have been crying for help ever since the first martyr and the world insists that they could bring this into a PEACEFUL end. Well i say that Military intervention is a must and if arabs don’t want the west to do so, why don’t they? At least they can move their rusty equipment and actually use it. And ironically we keep hearing of MAJOR contracts worth of BILLIONS of dolloars of military planes and equipment to GCC countries. Are they buying all this to show off?

While I agree, that we have to do something, I’m not so sure if the Lybian model (where the NATO has bombed Gadaffi out of power) is a role model for Syria. The situation is much more complex in Syria:

  1. Iran has a vital interest in the region, especially with Syria
  2. Russia has military bases located in Syria
  3. Syria is providing militant groups a safe heaven (for example the Hezbolla)
  4. Syria is an important country in the region regarding the peace process with Israel
  5. It is neighboring to Lebanon

If the West or the GCC nations would bomb Syria or intervene in another military way, it could have dramatic effects on neighboring countries, including Israel. What would be the reactions of Syria to a military strike? Attacking Israel? Sending Hezbolla troops to attack French soldiers in Lebanon again?

Some days earlier, I was asking myself if Turkey (or the West in general) should deliver / smuggle / hand-over guns to the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Such an option is much more acceptable in my opinion as it allows the Syrian people to take their future into their own hands without risking a large-scale reaction of Syria.

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