Records, Radio, and Television

Unfortunately the world we live in today is filled with violence. When you turn on the television or listen to the radio, frequently the first story is about violence. This provides a challenge to politicians that don’t want to give in to the public’s blood thirsty attitude. If you are going to want to maximize your exposure on radio and television and compete with those stories of violence, a strategy is going to be needed. A good politician will seek help from others that are experienced with the media. A press secretary along with a staff for him can aid the politician in getting his message across through as many mass mediums as possible.

Manipulating the press is an art that is learned over time. This is especially true with the written press, which means newspapers. It’s important that you develop a network of writers that you communicate with on a regular basis. Keep these reporters informed about your political message. Make sure they are aware in advance of public appearances that you are going to be making and events that you will be conducting or hosting. If you develop a regular following of writers, others will start to gravitate towards you as they want to compete to be the first to get breaking stories about your political message.

The radio requires a little more planning. The radio is a medium of communication that is immediate. You can not release a message on the radio and expect others to have access to it later. That is why it is important to use the radio efficiently. Your time on the radio will be limited based on campaign regulations as well as your own schedule. Keep in touch with the radio stations that you feel are most likely to reach your intended audience. Keep them informed about your events, just like the written press, but also schedule times for you to appear on their airwaves. These appearances may be to give a speech, or to participate in a question and answer session with your constituents.

The world of politics is full of violence, but your message does not have to center around it. A well prepared mass media campaign can take advantage of newspapers and radio to get your message across. Developing the relationship can increase your exposure when you need it most, during those key election months.

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