Should #Turkey Hand-Over Guns to the #FSA ? #Syria

I consider myself as a non-violent campaigner for civil rights. I went to demonstrations in Gorleben, Germany (to block nuclear waste transports) and to Frankfurt, Germany (to block the USAF base when they shipped supplies to support the war in Iraq). I never became violent. However, I experienced situations where I had to check myself not to use force as a means of self-defense.

The good side about demonstrating in Germany (or any other Western country) is that police is using only woods, water cannons and tear gas to get rid of you. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t seen guns pointing at me, but only because the police was so scared of the sheer mass of demonstrators. However, they never used their guns to get us off the streets but only for “self-defense”.

The situation in Syria is different, though. In Syria, security forces shoot at innocent citizen who are demonstrating for their most basic rights. There is no protection for them from systematic, violent repression. It is easy to stay non-violent in Western countries such as Germany, because there is no real need for self-defense as a demonstrator. But what to do in countries such as Syria where no basic rights exist?

Currently, the Free Syrian Army (FSA) is built up in Syria. It plays a role (not a major one, though) in defending protesters and attacking regular army and security forces. It seems that they arm themself with the help of weapon smugglers from Iraq and other neighboring countries.

I got several questions here:

  1. Should the FSA attack regular army and security force with the goal to end the Assad dictatorship?
  2. Or should they stay non-violent as much as possible, for example, by only using force in self-defense?
  3. Should the West (especially Turkey which plays a major role in the region) arm the FSA so they can effectiveley execute attacks or, at least, defend innocent citizen?

These questions are problematic for me as a non-violent activist. On one hand, I think that demonstrators should never use force against their opponents, but on the other hand, I also admit that everyone has a right to defend themself. No government in the world has the right to shoot its own people.

What do you think?

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