Leaflets, Pamphlets, and Books

There are many ways to convey a point that will never lead to violence. Putting your political views in a pamphlet, leaflet, or a book. This is a very non-confrontational way to express your views. By using this method you can distribute your views and ideas over a large area. This method does take leg work, but it is a good way to share political views with a large audience, over a large area, without disturbing anyone or leading violence

These one page fliers can express a short and concise political view. Leaflets are easy to produce, cost effective and can be easily spread over a wider are. Leaflets can be handed out to people who are passing by and questions can be addressed on the spot. Of all the three forms of written expression listed here, they are the least expensive to make. However, only the headline of a point can be made. There simply is not space on a leaflet to go into further detail.

These are ways to distribute your political views in greater detail with an artistic flair. With pamphlets you can not only put the headlines of your political views, but you can also go into some detail. Pamphlets usually have a more targeted distribution. Pamphlets usually make it into mailboxes and businesses that will place them by the cash register. With pamphlets you may never see the person who receives the pamphlet because the method of distribution is slightly different than a leaflet. Also Pamphlets are slightly more expensive to produce than leaflets.

Books are the best way to fully express any political view you have in a non-violent method without any interruption. With a book you can detail every point and counterpoint you have without ever having to stop and take questions. Books are much more expensive to produce, but there are many publishers who are willing to give a book advance. With a book advance you can say everything you need to say about your political view. If you view is a view that is inflammatory, or something people don’t want to hear, you can use the most graphic examples and not have to worry about the people around you erupting into violence. The only issue with a book, other than the cost of production, is to get your message across people have to spend money to buy the book. So not everyone who needs the message will see the message.

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