Local Elections in #Syria

Besides the general strike called by the opposition, another big thing is going on in Syria: fake elections!

The country is holding local elections for 17,588 seats in Syria’s 1,337 administrative units. However, the voter turnout is low for two reasons: first, opposition activists have called for a boycott and second, many residents fear leaving their homes to go to the polls.

The opposition does not consider the vote a legitimate concession by President Bashar al-Assad’s government, which has promised a series of political reforms to appease demonstrators.

According to the government of Syria, the elections go well:

The elections committee, in a statement received by AFP, said “voting is proceeding in a democratic spirit,” adding that voting turnout was “good.” It did not elaborate.

The government news paper Al-Baath writes that:

All citizens must take part in the municipal elections and vote for the candidates they consider best capable of defending the public interest.

What the f***. The best interest for Syrians is to be free.

Who is going to vote in these elections? Undoubtedly, the regime’s followers, and not the free people of Syria, so it will be as if the regime is repeating itself.

Besides the elections, fighting between regular army and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) continues:

Fierce clashes between Syrian security forces and army defectors continued in several parts of the country Monday, as Syrians voted in municipal elections held amid a general strike and an escalating crackdown on anti-government protesters.

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