General Strike in #Syria

Ok, so I’m sitting in my hotel room in Nuremberg and I’m kind of bored. But as a civil rights advocat, I’m thrilled by the events in Syria. I’m reading the news on Syria regularly and think its time to (re-)start my blogging activities. Therefore, I will regularly post comments about developments in Syria on my web site, including pointers to other bloggers and twitter activity.

There are two things going on in Syria today: first, a general strike called by the opposition. Stikes were observed in Daraa and Damascus:

Opposition activists have urged citizens to intensify a civil disobedience campaign launched on Sunday in a bid to bring down the government of President Bashar al-Assad. reports that the strike mostly affects local shops which are closed:

Syrian opposition activists said most of Syria’s capital of Damascus has been shut down, and shops throughout the country were closed in the largest general strike since the protest movement began in March. According to the Local Coordination Committees, regime forces retaliated by burning down a factory in Aleppo.

Besides local stores, it seems that other areas of public life are affected as well. For example, the Daraa Faculty of Education is on strike.

The regime is fighting back, though:

Rights groups said that in several towns, security forces attempted to open shops by force and carried out arrests, although business continued as usual in the capital, Damascus.

The opposition called the nationwide strike in an attempt to bring down the regime through civil disobedience. The opposition Local Coordination Committee has urged citizens to hold sit-ins, close facilities and to refuse to work in the public sector.

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