Banners, Posters, Displayed Communications

Banners, posters and displayed communications are another classical means of nonviolent campaigning. Here is what you need to know to prepare effective banners:

  1. Gather the materials needed. Sit down in a roomy area and start working.
  2. Decide in advance what your sign will say. The shorter the better. A phrase of three or four words that people can read quickly is best.
  3. Chose one of the two posterboards to be the front. You can write signs on both sides, too.
  4. Make a general outline of what you’re going to write. Write large enough and using a good writing so everybody can read what you are protesting against.
  5. Decide what decorations to add. For a more eye-catching protest sign, you can add optional decorations – glitter could be used or just normal bright outlines.
  6. Outline the words in dark marker.
  7. Fill in the letters. Use dark colors so people can read your text from a longer distance.
  8. Decorate.
  9. Repeat for the other posterboard. Optional.
  10. Attach a handle to your sign. Use a yardstick as a handle to your protest sign. Just hot glue the stick to the sign, or use extremely strong staples.

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