On a word, Mr. President

I recognize with pleasure and happiness that the United States of America (and Germany) have become a supporter of the people of Egypt on their way to freedom and democracy. Their peaceful revolution and your response should serve as an example for the people of other countries who demand their most basic civil rights, their freedom, and their liberty.

The nonviolent revolution is not over. It did not started in Egypt, nor in Tunisia. It started in Berlin, and quickly rippled through the states of the former Eastern Bloc. It slowed down due to diversion by the terrorist attacks on your country, by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

This is the revolution of our generation. We grew up with the Internet and the freedom of our minds that accompanied it. There has been no boundaries for our generation, except physical ones. Such as the prohibition of free speech, peaceful demonstrations, fair elections, and basic civil rights. Instead: detention, interrogation, snitching, torture, and murder.

Be honest: the United States of America have been part of this plot against humanity in their response to the September 11 attacks. Your response has been so bad that it only requires one word to describe it: Guantanamo.

There is no free Afghanistan. There is no free Iraq. What you see are two instable countries that have been overrun by military power, by shock and awe. Those who think that force has initiated the liberation process in the Middle East should go to the streets of Tunisia and Egypt. Good luck, you better bring protection. You will learn that force is answered by force.

You, Mr. President, are part of our movement. You have stopped extraordinary rendition, unlawful detention, secret prisons, and water boarding. You have started to close Guantanamo, a little slow, but the right decisions have been made. Those of us who criticize you on your slow progress should look at the economic mess you have to clean up, too. No wonder that your pockets are empty. Military power requires a lot of money. Conducting one war requires even more money. But who would be so stupid to start even two wars? I only know two men in history that have been so stupid. One of them, ended in a bunker in Berlin, Germany. The other one can’t leave his own country without facing charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity in many countries.

The United States of America have always been our role model for freedom and liberty. For free speech and democracy. For human rights, regardless of political views, of race, religion or culture.

You, as a nation, can either lead our movement or step aside in history.

We have seen your reactions on Egypt. You made us confident that you’re going to come back to the roots of your founders who fled their own countries, gave up their property and social contacts to start something new. We, as a generation, want to start something new as well. A world without oppression. Where free woman and men can express their opinions without fear. And ultimately, a world without war, because democracies don’t fight, they trade.

We don’t want outside interference. We are going to start the revolution in our countries on our own. It is not the right of the USA or any other country to start a revolution anywhere, even the most totalitarian dictatorships.

However, if people demand their rights and get shot on the streets, the red line is crossed.

When that line is crossed, we need your support. Help the people by all diplomatic means. If you got some more influence, go ahead and use it in the interest of our generation; of your generation.

Thanks for reading, Mr. President.

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