One of the many effective forms of non violent demonstration is what is called the walkout. It’s short sweet and too the point, and can be preformed by anyone with little organization and planning.

There are two types of walkout: Workers and Non workers. While both are quite similar, they are different in the delivery. For instance, in order to do the Workers walk out, planning beforehand is a must if you want to drive the point home. Preferably you will get a few of your fellow workers to join with you as you pull this off, in order to encourage other people to join in.

On the day you do your workers walk out, be sure to set a time where a person will go up to the boss and state the demand and level the threat “or we leave.” If the boss agrees to the demands, then problem solved and you can go back to working. However, if he does not, then you lead the walk out out of the building. Hopefully your fellow workers who are probably feeling much the same way you are, will join you, and as you stroll out your employer will be made to look like a fool as they can’t hold onto their workforce and keep them happy.

Civilian walkouts don’t really require much planning as you just have to wait for the place that has your business to make a mistake. Perhaps it is a rude waiter; perhaps a racist/sexist teacher. As soon as the person is being nasty, confront them. Tell them to ship up or you are walking out. If they still don’t get the message, walk out and proclaim to the streets about the mistreatment you have suffered. Your goal is to make that place that once had your business look awful and your goal should be to strike at the week points in order to get a climatic crash as the place of business dies due to them not having anyone as customers. If there is a newspaper or television service make sure they know what you did.

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